Professional Editor vs. Grammarly

Many budget-conscious authors these days turn to online software like Grammarly to do their editing for them. At around $30.00/month, it seems like it would be worth a try.

Unfortunately, this kind of automated program is sure to disappoint.

First, it is only as smart as the person using it. If grammar isn’t your thing, then Grammarly won’t work for you. You have to take the suggestions with a grain of salt because often the software is dead wrong. Context is not used in Grammarly’s evaluation of a text, so the suggestions can be rudimentary at best.

Second, the suggestions often list the grammar rule at play and gives you options, but it does not actually tell you how to correct the problem. The end user using the software needs to know what they’re doing to use this software.

Last, no software can replace years of experience in editing and writing. Context, semantics, and the subtleties of language require a seasoned editor to check a manuscript before publication. Grammarly is a solid spell checker and basic grammar checker (similar to Microsoft Word), but it does not take the place of editing by hand.

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